How to Play Music via FM Transmitter in Nokia N8

Yes, You may don’t know about this feature which comes with only Nokia N8. If you having Nokia N8. This radio transmitter feature available in Nokia N8. Nokia have installed awesome hardware in this device which is unique than other devices.

How to Play Music via FM Transmitter in Nokia N8

To use of this feature you can listen your music via hi-fi stereo , car music system and multiple mobile devices, its really awesome. Its provided for personal use of legally obtained content only.

How to start FM Transmitter in Nokia N8
1. You will required Nokia N8 Device.

2. One radio supported device. (for listen)

3. Now, go in music player in your Nokia N8.

4. Play any of your favorite song.

5. When song playing. Next step is click on music player’s option. You will get play via radio (in Symbian Belle OS)

6. Select  ”Play via Radio”.

7. Next, set your radio frequency example 99.00 MHz, You can set any frequency.

8. Now, its to turn your personal radio channel.

9. Now for listen your created radio channel, plug in earphone with your second radio compatible phone.

10. In second phone, go radio application and set frequently which you have set in you Nokia N8, which was 99.00 MHz.

11. Congratulation, You have made you personal radio channel, Which everyone can listen your channel at same time.

If you feel any difficulty in this tutorial just be free and comment below with your problem we shortly remove your problem art that tine. Share this post with your friends and tell them to use this feature.
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