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MS is now released his new app for iOS and Android user. this app is very useful for who want to share his photos and videos etc.We're working to release the same consistent experience for RIM and Windows Phone 7 devices in the future, and will share more details as they become available." At first glance, this decision may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but it also makes a lot of sense, considering the fact that Android and iOS comprise the bulk of the consumer market. It appears, then, that Microsoft is willing to ignore the OS wars (at least temporarily) in favor of simply getting Bing out to the widest initial audience. Android and iOS users can grab the app now, at the coverage links below.
Mobile app to Android and iOS before launching it on its very own Windows Phone platform. The company announced the release in a blog post this week, highlighting the app's most noteworthy features, including a revamped maps module, a new deals service and real-time transit feeds. Interestingly enough, Redmond also based its app on HTML5, rather than Silverlight, in the hopes of providing greater continuity across mobile browser and app interfaces. Only at the very end of the post did Microsoft mention Windows Phone 7 In a move that can be simultaneously described as puzzling and pragmatic, Microsoft has decided to bring its Bing
Former Microsoft executive and current VMware president Paul Maritz is credited with coming up with the phrase “eating your own dog food” while he was at Microsoft.That is to say a company must use its own products before you can anyone else to buy into them. Microsoft seems to have forgotten that lesson.

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