Dark Mail end to end Encrypted Mail Protocol : Email 3.0

Now, Levison has announced that he is reviving the Lavabit service fixing the SSL issue and implementing new privacy-enhancing features.

The Lavabit CEO is releasing the source code for an open-source end-to-end encrypted global email standard, dubbed Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME). The code aims to avoid government surveillance and hides the metadata. 

Snowden was using the Lavabit encrypted email service and that FBI drove the company into closure because it refused to serve the US Government’s requests.

To bring the world our unique end-to-end encrypted protocol and architecture that is the 'next-generation' of private and secure email. As a founding member of The Dark Mail Technical Alliance, Lavabit will work to bring other members into the alliance, assist them in implementing the new protocol and jointly work to proliferate the world's first end-to-end encrypted 'Email 3.0' throughout the world's email providers. Our goal is to open source the protocol and architecture and help others implement this new technology to address privacy concerns against surveillance and back door threats of any kind.

source: securitynewspaper.com 

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