How to make Friendship with Girls in WeChat Messenger

How to make Friendship with Girls in WeChat Messenger

Hello guys so today I'm gonna share with you some tips about WeChat. Specially those who want to make friendship with girls on WeChat. In this post I'm giving you some ideas and suggestion that may help you to how more mature with girls and how do to chat with girls.

How to make Friendship with Girls in WeChat Messenger_NewVijay 

You know WeChat is cool application which is most of used by youngsters. Basically in WeChat there are three way to find/make new friends.

1. Look Around:
Look Around will fetch IDs those are using WeChat near to you approximately near around 2-3km.
2. Shake:
Shake is best way to make new friends. actually me also using this way too much ;) lets see how Shake work in WeChat.

Example. One Person A is using WeChat and he want to make friends by shake. then what actually happen in WeChat server. If the Person A is got ID of Person B then it means B person surely having A person's ID in theirs WeChat.

3. Drift Bottle:
This is unique way to make friends. In this way you have create one message in one bottle and after it you throw it in WeChat water. If some one looking in water then by chance he may got your bottle and you become friends too.

How to make Friendship with Girls in WeChat Messenger_NewVijay

Lets come on main point. How to make Friendship with Girls in WeChat Massanger. Many of you have tried to make girl friend in WeChat some of got success and still many of are remained alone they are still finding. So those are still finding right girlfriends on Wechat. 

You need to follow below some points.

1. Set Awesome/Handsome profile picture. A picture should be clear and there must not written anything on picture.

2. Set Effective status. If you set effective status then every girl like to react with your status and she will ask you about status in chats.

3. Memories : WeChat provide Moments for upload favorite picture to world, yes you can also upload private picture that non can see.

After all these now remaining thing about Chatting:

Now, you may wondering How to Chat with Girls. Don't worry we have every answer that are you looking. See first no need start chat with directly "How are you dear?" Thats not make any sense because she may get bored with this question. You know why girls coming online? Yes, for time-pass and if you get success to make friendship in this time then you are master.

How to make Friendship with Girls in WeChat Messenger_NewVijay

Chat must be start from simplicity. Comments on her photos and ask in chat "Where did you capture this image?, You are looking cool in this Style, You dreass color are similar to my cloths, I have visited this place," suggest some good places if she like traveling, send her dresses photos if she like shopping" its just for make your conversation live. Use WeChat emotive etc. Overall just chat which make you like and interactive conversation.

This were some tips which may help you to Friendship with Girls. If you have more better ideas expect this one, or you want to ask something then you can post your idea in our comment box. 

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