Samsung Galaxy S3 Black Screen Problem : Solved

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the world’s most popular smartphone. But like anything in life, the Galaxy S3 isn't perfect. Over the past few weeks, many Galaxy S3 users have been complaining about a ‘sudden death’ problem.

The sudden death problem is as best as it sounds: you’re using the Galaxy S3 when suddenly, it turns off and doesn't turn on ever again. That’s right: your Galaxy S3 can literally die in your arms. And no matter how long users waited, their Galaxy S3 never turned on again.
This isn't a small problem. If we’re judging by a recent XDA thread about the incidence, it has affected hundreds of Galaxy S3 users around the world.
If your GS3 recently died, turned into a brick, and refused to boot, then Samsung is working on an official fix for the problem. The problem is related to the eMMC firmware, which means that it can be fixed by simply installing new device drivers. But installing new firmware is beyond the skillset of most Android users, so here’s an easier solution:

How to Solve : Samsung Galaxy S3 Black Screen Problem
 2) Send in your Samsung Galaxy S 3
 3) Samsung will replace your Galaxy S 3’s motherboard and return it
Meanwhile, if your Galaxy S3 hasn't died yet, then all you can do is pray that the Samsung Grim Reaper doesn't touch you next. If it does, you can wait for the official fix release from Samsung or order a brand new motherboard from the Samsung service center when you send your phone in for repairs. Now you also can update your [tutorial] Galaxy S III to Android 4.2.2 Android Jelly Bean

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  1. I want to thank you, for posting this and giving me hope for my broken phone, I bought my Samsung Galaxy s3 I747 from AT&T (refurbished) and they told me that since I only had a 3 month warranty with them there is nothing I can even do. I was wrong indeed, knowing I have had my Samsung Galaxy s3 for almost a full 5 months, Samsung was there to help and support me. I hope this helps a lot of people and the fact of this issue. I must include that my problem wasn't this problem in complete fullness, because my device showed no sign of life and no sign or working. I want to thank you again, and let you know that you made a persons day and a whole lot better. And to people who want to know more about this issue, I also hope that you take to concideration that no matter what Samsung is always there to help you and make your situation a whole lot better then it was before. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. I wish the best of wishes to you and many to come.