How to Expend Android Battery Power

This is most common problem in Android Device. You may searching How to Improve Android battery Life. You facing that your battery again and again going down even you charged it 100%. So, today we are going to tell you how to expend/increase android battery life with some simple steps. Yes, really after this steps you will get good battery result.

How to Increase Android Battery Life :

1. First, Use your mobile continuously till your mobile not get 0% battery level.(till shout down)

2. Keep the device as it is for 5 minutes. (switch off position)

3. After couple of minutes put your device in charging without turning on.

4. After completing 100% charge switch on it

5. Follow 3 or 4 time these all 1 to 4 steps. Your battery now will release required power to your phone.

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