Android Applications for the Car Enthusiast

A wide range of brilliant, useful and interesting applications are available for the car enthusiast. From racing games to price comparison tools, every need and fancy is catered to for the Android user. Here is a list of the best apps to find on the google play market place.

Cars For Sale Pro

he best source for online car deals. Cars For Sale Pro is the free, easy to use application that allows you to search all over the US for you perfect car. Both new and used cars are listed from all the best classifieds, marketplaces and websites in one place. Simply enter the make and model of the car and your location and immediately you will be taken to a directory of applicable cars. More advanced searches can be undertaken using parameters such as price range, owner type and maximum mileage.
The easy to use one tap system means that you only have to press the car you want to look at and all its available details are presented. Then you are only one tap away from dialing the seller. The application can sort the results in order of locale, price and relevance to make browsing more pleasurable.

It is possible to share the listings via Facebook, Twitter and email if you want to alert a loved one, colleague or business partner about a certain listings availability. Add multiple listings to your favorites so you can continue your search at a later date. Ideal both for the private car owner and the dealer in need of added inventory.


In an age of economic instability and added pressure in preserving mother earth, fuel consumption is an ever-prevalent topic. FuelLog allows you to be as economical and green as possible, saving you money whilst helping the planet. The helpful application tracks fuel consumption, costs and maintenances of your vehicle, car or otherwise and calculates useful statistics. These statistics include monthly insurance, daily bridge toll, yearly taxes, services, car parts and parking costs amongst others.
Using these statistics, drivers can calculate future costs and economise accordingly. The free application allows for multiple cars to be calculated simultaneously so the whole family or business can combine the results into one central statistic.

 Car Loan Calculator

The free calculator of car loan prices. This application includes the option to include sales tax and insurance so the loan prices are always accurate. Easy to use and clearly presented; the Car Loan Calculator helps you determine total payments and total interest. The application can also be used as a tool to review the best car loans online.

This highly flexible calculator also works for motorcycle, boat and ATV loan. For those with a poor credit rating this application could prove beneficial; the application helps you find plans that will enable you to apply for car finance with bad credit.

Need For Speed Shift

For those just looking for a bit of fun and entertainment there is a host of racing games available to the android user. None of these hold a torch to the Need for Speed franchise. The most popular series of racing games Android Games in the world have now been exported to your mobile device. Roar through 18 international tracks from Chicago to Tokyo in a wide range of exciting cars including Pagani Zondas and Lamborghini Gallardos.

The gaming giant is a must for all car and car game fans everywhere. Compete and compare your cars and times with your friends and colleagues.

This breathtaking game takes you beyond the world of racing into the added dimension of career mode. Rule the roads for years with your own racing profile. Pimp your ride out with the many available upgrades and customizations.

Parking Car

One of those games that will have you pulling your hair out in frustration but you will not be able to put down. Addictive to an almost dangerous level Parking Car is a little puzzler that you will boot up whenever you have a spare 15 minutes to entertain yourself. The seemingly simple task of escaping the chaotic traffic and safely parking your little red car will keep you entertained for hours. A perfect game for keeping energetic children quiet for a change, if you can give it up that is.
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