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Google has recently released the Share Button for Google+ which will allow you to share your content across Google+ website. The earlier +1 button also allows you to share your content but this is specifically released just for the sharing purpose and it will not create any history of +1’s done from your account.
So as you see the button above in action sharing content across Google+ Platform. Well its really easy to implement on your website just visit the Google+ Share Button Page and create your button for your website, well the options are pretty much same as you have for simple +1 button. You can choose from 3 different options for your button like bubble horizontal, bubble vertical and inline and off course if you wanna go with none than there’s a option fro that too.
How to Create Google + Share Button:
First select which type button you want for you website. click on Annatation ans select anyone. if selected Bubble (vertical) after you will not set button size. its come defult. see in picture given below.
If you selected Annotation : none then there will enebled three new option about button size. you can costomize it as small, medium and large.
Finally copy the given code and paste it in your webpage. If you get any problem just leave comments, we will help you.
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