How to chat with Facebook friends in mobile

Facebook is world popular social site. many people searing his/her life story on Facebook you can do everything with Facebook. many friends chatting with his friends it's very easy to chat with our friends and also some people asking how to chat Facebook friends in mobile maybe. all have mobile phone. mobile is very useful for us yes you can chat with your friends in mobile it is true but you need any mobile messengers. many messengers is available on website. you can download any messengers on your phone.

Download your Messengers :
1. Nimbuzz
2. eBuddy
3. Migg33
4. RockeTalk
Select any mobile messengers and download it. after download open it and after you need account for sing in so first make new account in your messengers like sing up. fill all given blanks like first name, last name, email, mobile number, password etc. than click on sing up after fill blanks. here is Nimbuzz is very best mobile messengers you can send photos, free chat, free calls, chat rooms and what ever you want. and other messengers is also best you can you any messengers
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