How to send files with high speed in iPhone 4

Today i write about new iPhone 4 apps it one how to send high speed files in iPhone 4 to other's really working and faster sending files than other ways first you need one app for your iPhone 4 download app after open it FileXChange is a new application developed by iStartApp to exchange files on your iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad. With a single click, you can send any type of file towards Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. You can use your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as a USB to transfer files anywhere without iTunes.
FileXchange ii is best app for iPhone 4. it included top 10 can do many futures with this apps like Very easy to use: intuitive graphics and video tutorial, Transfer files to and from major operating systems, including Android, File transfer is via Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth, Function email, zip and unzip, Data protection via password, High-speed transfer
FileXChange has User-friendly interface. With one tap you can transfer files between any iOS devices over Wifi or Bluetooth with high speed. When you first open FileXChange, a video tutorial shows the basic features and how to use it.
FileXChange will be available soon on the AppStore.FileXchange for P800/A92x
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