How to install unsigned applications or games in S60v5

Yes it is very big problem for S60v5 users. they are always hated this problem but they are not know how to install Unsigned games or Apps in his phone. don't worry here is problam solve software. first you need your phone sertificat you not have just Go to Register and Login. after registrar download your key and secrificat for your phone on this site this key and certification in your phone after download freesigner.Than you will need one software freesigner this is very easy way to sign your unsigned apps or games.
Well this should make some members happy, as we now have a new way to hack our phones INSTANTLY - This has been tested on S60 3rd but not 5th.

First off download the (S60Certhack) hacking sis file from below, then Install it by going to "tools" then "file manager" (may be slightly different on various models)

Now go to your phones application menu and choose "Secman" It will now start installing Secman, after it has finished your phone will reboot to finalize installation.

Now go to "Secman" again and choose "Install Root Certificate" Then choose "Turn Plat Security Off" It will now show "Capabilities Activated"

From main application menu open "ROMpatcher" and apply patch.

You can now install HelloOX 1.4 from below with no Cert error message... Your phone is now hacked and you can install unsigned applications

Download here freesigner
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