Next Apple iPhone 5C will be in Plastic Body and Cheap Price

The latest report on Apple says the company's board is putting pressure on CEO Tim Cook because the lack of innovation in Apple's latest (and probably upcoming) products.

The Fox Business reporter Charlie Gasparino says Apple's board wants the company to come forward with some changes without further delays. He also says despite the board is pressuring Tim Cook, his job in the company is safe.

Next Apple iPhone 5C will be in Plastic Body and Cheap Price_NewVijay

The countless rumors we saw throughout the past weeks confirm Apple is already breaking the product pattern and will be releasing a low-cost model of iPhone called 5C. We saw various live pictures of its all-plastic body and we suspect this is probably the first of those changes that the board wants. The iPhone 5C is rumored to pack the same hardware as the current iPhone 5 flagship but to drop the premium aluminum shell in favor of an all-plastic panel.

The next iPhone 5S on the other hand is rumored to bring improved camera and flash as well as a fingerprint sensor. We considered the latter an already dead piece of technology in the mobile phones, but Apple may reinvent this in some new way.

Anyway, it was about time those kind of reports start popping up. Let's face it, Apple has definitely lost some of its magic after the iPhone 4S and the innovation was pushed back in favor of slowly milking existing hardware and waging patent crusades against its rivals. Maybe the board is right to ask for changes.

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