Install Air Gesture Feature on Normal Android Device

Recently Samsung launched their Galaxy S4 device bringing some new awesome feature that included that Air Gesture feature which allows you to pick up calls when ever you wave your hand over your phone.

Install Air Gesture Feature on Normal Android Device_NewVijay

Well that feature is something that people need in their normal android device’s but what exactly that feature is utilizing to bring that kind of effect is that little proximity sensor available on all modern device’s, so if you want this awesome feature on your older Android devices maybe S3 or so well you can get it by simply installing a application called "Air Call-Accept".

Install Air Gesture Feature on Normal Android Device_NewVijay

So now installing this application would allow you to accept your call’s by just waving your hands over your phone’s proximity sensor or just taking your phone near your ear. So to activate this you just need to download the app from the Google Play store using the link on the right, then just install this application and open it up you will see Enable Button just swipe that up and your app will start up, now just close that app and try to accept the call’s by just waving your hand or taking your phone near to your ear, you call will be accepted. For more info just check below video.

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