What are the Mistakes with Apple iOS 7

~ Very iTunes dependent for uploading files and multimedia
~ No open file system means you often have to duplicate files
~ Limited integration of 3rd party social networks and services
~ No widgets
~ Air Drop works only between selected iOS 7 or later running devices
~ No lockscreen shortcuts (besides those in the Control Center)
~ Very basic camera UI with limited features and settings
~ Limited codecs support
~ iTunes radio only works in the US

The iOS 7 indeed has gone flat, but brings dynamic wallpapers and parallax view to make those flat icons pop to life. Indeed, the parallax effect is one of the few among the newly introduced features that is truly unique to iOS (yes, it is available as an app for Android, but here it's baked right into the OS). There is lots of transparency throughout the iOS, brand-new flat theme, all-new system apps, live icons, and a lot more.

From a functionality perspective, Apple has finally decided to give us connectivity toggles organized within the new Control Center, iTunes radio streaming service, the notification center has been completely redesigned, there is AirDrop for easy sharing between different iOS devices, and even more capable Siri.

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