Apple iOS 7 Facetime, AirDrop, iTunes Radio, Weather

Phew, we're already out of breath here but the Apple team isn’t done yet – Facetime got an audio only option, which is basically VoIP calling.

There's AirDrop, which is Apple's answer to NFC (they even made a joke about not having to bump your phones together). It;s a streamlined and centralized interface for sharing stuff with other people, who our close by. It uses a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection for that.

Apple iOS 7 Facetime, AirDrop, iTunes Radio, Weather_NewVjiay

Finally, the Music player has been revamped as well and now it offers a new service, called iTunes Radio – an ad-supported streaming music service for free (launching in the US). This one is also available on Macs, PCs and even Apple TV.

There's also a cool new weather app that shows the weather in multiple cities with beautiful animations, a detailed forecast for today and tomorrow and the weather for the next five days. You can check the weather of one location or all of them at once.

iOS 7 is available for the iPhone in beta today. In the Fall, iOS 7 will be available on iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch 5th gen, iPad mini and iPad 2 and later.

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