Apple iPhone 4 8GB Cheaper faults

As the world waits for Apple to release the iPhone 5, Reuters is reporting that Cupertino may be refreshing the iPhone 4, as well. According to two anonymous sources "with knowledge of the matter," an unnamed Korean manufacturer has already begun producing parts for a cheaper, 8GB version of the smartphone, slated to launch within the next few weeks. As for that next-gen handset, the insiders went on to say that the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 will feature a more Apple suppliers are building a cheaper, 8GB iPhone 4, two sources tell Reuters.

This makes a whole lot of sense. As the iPhone 5 comes out, the iPhone 4 is going to get cheaper anyway so Apple may as well take advantage of that. And by now most of the capital costs of building the iPhone 4 are almost certainly covered so Apple can go for volume and cost. 
And most crucially, there is a huge market for lower-priced smartphone in emerging (and even developed) countries that Apple hasn't tapped that much but where companies like RIM and Nokia are crushing it. This is important not just because there's money (and torrid growth) there but because smartphones are platforms and Apple is in a global race with Google to build the biggest platform, so grabbing marketshare really matters. spacious touchscreen, better antenna and eight megapixel shooter, and that Apple is indeed aiming for a late September launch, after having already asked manufacturers Hon Hai and Pegatron to prep their facilities for the production of 45 million units, altogether. Details, as usual, are still scarce at this point, but we'll let you know as soon as we get more information.Apple to release cheaper, 8GB iPhone 4 within weeks?
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